Tuesday, August 24, 2010

don't worry....

...its coming.  I got a little side tracked yesterday and wasn't able to post anything, but it will happen today!  I watched an entire season of Entourage ( I'm addicted to that show) yesterday AND my roommates and I started p90x.  I don't actually feel that bad, but i'm sure I will tomorrow.  I did a lot of this this weekend:

I've been trying to figure out what to do with myself lately...and i have finally decided that I want to do anything that is right for me.  I want to be the change in myself that i have frantically been searching for.  I want to start with cutting my hair.  then I want to move on to something else.  Get my priorities in line.  do something for myself for a change.  start doing the things that i love and not worry about what anyone else is doing.  I am ready for that.  I am ready for things to start going my way.  i also want to start preparing myself for something new and exciting.  something that the people in my life aren't ready for, but I am.  wow.  I feel all empowered and stuff :) and now that its out there in cyberland and not just in my head, i have to accomplish it.  if not just for myself, then for the people that read this.  now that i have involved others, well, i just gotta do it.  so, with that said, the-well i hope it will be daily, but it will most likely be weekly or bi-weekly- feature that I have planned will begin later this evening when i'm at home and not wasting my boss's internet.  so, for now, enjoy these lovely pictures that inspired me this morning before anyone else was in the office, which i got from weheartit and have a lovely Tuesday! :)

love her :)