Wednesday, April 28, 2010

so...this is dumb

So, I was reading the Huffington Post today, waiting for my lunch to arrive when I discovered THIS (please read it, it's sickening).  Its about this woman who worked for the DEA and then when she was framed for a kidnapping, her state appointed lawyer did NOTHING about it.  I don't usually like to write about stuff like this seeing as my mother always told me NEVER to talk about religion or politics, seeing as it is rude, but this woman has been on Death Row for 8 years and is about to get lethal injection because her piece of shit attorney didn't do didly squat for her! ugh, this makes me angry, but I am going to stop talking about it seeing as I need to get back to work.  I will send pictures later...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i needed this, and i know you will too :P

SO, I was looking around at Ellen's website (you know, the one married to the GORGEOUS Portia de Rossi) and I found these little gems.  They are from the part of her website called "Bad Pictures you Paid For" and I decided that everyone in the world needed to see them (well, the people that read my blog anyway).  So, here they the flesh...hope you are ready!
Ahh yes, these have got to be some of the best pictures that I have ever seen...Lord knows I have some bad ones, and I mean BAD ones because I was the lucky ugly duckling with the bottle cap glasses and straight cut bangs- yes my parents did love me but I grew up in the 80's, so give me a break.
Anyway, I think that's gonna be it for me tonight.  I have a LONG day of tubing ahead of me and I wanna be VERY well I think I want to go do some painting...CUL8R! (gotta love the "tech era")


Thursday, April 8, 2010

thoughtful thursday

oh my! its been quite a while since i have last been here, and boy do i miss it so.  Some fun new things have been happening lately and i can't wait to share..
So, first things first...TODAY! I got a new job! a "big girl" job as I would like to call it, but i start on monday, and you know what that means???? NEW CLOTHES! hooray! I can't wait. all summery pretty little things that don't consist of jeans, tennies, and t-shirts (that smell like fish and burritos all the time anyway) my dear friend michelle knows exactly what i mean :]
secondly, i finally got my taxes done and found out that I will be getting enough money back to buy my new CAMERA!!!! that's right folks, i'm moving on up! thank goodness.  and as soon as that money comes in, i'm going to drop what I am doing, cruise on over to the store, and spend that money! woohoo! you have NO idea how excited I am...
BUT! before my i leave my wonderful iPhone camera in the dusk, here are some pictures that I took with it!

this, my dear friends, was my first canvas painting by my little roommate and i painted that night, but she wouldn't let me put hers up :]
ziss wonderful creation, called and ICEE :] is one of my most favorite things on earth 
(white cherry and strawberry if you were wondering)
i don't consider myself a hippie, but if i did, i would use the side door (which i did) at Joe's Crab Shack

I took these on my morning (well afternoon that day) run on tuesday :]

so, that's all for now...a few things to look forward to in the near job Monday, new camera (asap) and new clothes for my big girl job! woohoo