Friday, September 24, 2010

just some randoms..

i have been kinda busy lately with work and football season and such, but i just wanted to share some photos that i found on we heart it that I absolutely love.  I guess you could say that i'm letting you into a little bit of me, showing you some of the things i like, but i hope you enjoy.  I will be uploading some of my photos very soon, so stay tuned! 

hot girl + beer = good day :) 

i don't care what you say, its art. and its beautiful. 

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shoes...enough said
the has always been and will always be my weakness 
Seven and 7 to be precise....

i want to be this carefree...everyday

i've always been a sucker for flowers, in any way shape or form.

that's it. xoTW


Estelle Darling said...

It may be the alcoholic in me talking, but you had me at *Seven & 7*. ♥

jesslope said...

love the kiss image. and you're right it is ART.