Thursday, February 11, 2010



I have had some things weighing on my mind lately that I need to get out there and I finally have some free time, so I would like to share these things with you.
First things favorite :
I have been discovering some great new music lately, and my phone made this awesome playlist the other day and this, my friends is what it consisted of:

this kid is absolutely amazing! he is what i would consider a "remixer" but they are pretty awesome...the ones that showed up on my playlist included:
☞One Love [feat. Estelle]
☞Sexy Bitch [feat. Akon]
☞Choose [feat. Ne-Yo and Kelly Rowland]
☞Gettin Over [feat. Chris Willis]
☞On the Dance Floor [feat.]
☞I wanna go Crazy [feat.]

Next up on the list

The xx.
my sister and FB boyfriend told me about these guys, and i just downloaded their stuff and I CANNOT get ENOUGH!
playlist rec's include:
✘ Hot like Fire
✘Basic Spaces

Cage the Elephant.
the tiny little gem that i can't get enough of. You may have heard of them, but I would suggest getting to know them. I don't really know where to put them if I would "categorize" them, but I'll give them whatever they want.
Who made the cut you ask?
✂ In One Ear
✂ Judas
✂ Ain't No Rest for the Wicked [duh]
✂ Back Against the Wall

And Finally....
☠Madonna- Celebration [Benny Benassi Remix]
*I actually watched the video for this after eating some "spaghetti" and it is very asthetically pleasing FYI. :)*
☠LMFAO- Leaving you for the Groove
please don't judge me for this one, it has a really great beat and its a great pace to run to

a blog you should follow
this little doosie here is a composition of quotes from one of the restaurants that i work at. You would be surprised what happens when certain people spend a lot of time together. If you are having a bad day, check this thing out.

another blog you should follow
this one is one of my favorites. if you have never heard of it, you should look into it. You would be surprised how much random strangers have in common. its updated EVERY Sunday so you have something to do while you are hungover :)

i think that's it for today.
I still want to start a bookclub.
I can't guarantee it will be as big as Oprah's, but it will be just as fun!

One More thing:


in case you were wondering, all the pics are from google, and you can find all the music on iTunes...let me know if you hear any of it.

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