Friday, February 12, 2010

※※ R U Ready for a REVOLUTION ※※

It's official! Today I begin the countdown to the Race! That's right! I'm running my very first 5k!
I'm actually really excited about it, considering this would actually be the first New Year's Resolution that I have actually kept in my adult life.  I'm not sure why I wanted to run a 5k, but the one that I chose holds an important significance to me.  You see, 2 years ago, my mommy was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since been in remission.  I would like to consider her to be one of my best friends, but I don't wanna sound so cliche. :) But she truly is, and that is why I am doing this, for her.  But today...the countdown begins, officially!!!

On a different note, I got a Valentine's day card from my grandmother...she is the best!

I also took a picture of my tattoo today...its a little old, but I still love it!

I don't know if you guys can tell, but I'm a little bit bored...I'm just waiting to go to work, and I figured I would update...

By the way, I don't know if you can tell by the title, but I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the beatles...
What's your favorite song/album?

Abbey Road = my Favorite album

"Imagine" [not totally beatles, but close enough]

"Help"- ONE of my MANY favorite songs.

MK, that is all, I'm done, I'm gonna go read before work...
Stay Tuned! coming up next...MY PICTURES of random stuff! woohoo!


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