Sunday, May 9, 2010

happenings on a sunday

so, after a long shift at work, me and michelle decided to have «crafty sunday» and I must say, it was quite a successful day! I finished up the project that I was working on for my friend Miranda's baby girl, Kenleigh.  It took lots of layers of paint and endless time thinking over and over of what indeed would be perfect but I FINALLY finished it.  Michelle finished her project that she had been working on, and we listened to some GREAT music and caught up on years of lost memories.  I also started on another project for a graduation present for my friend Rebecca and I can't wait until it is finished because it will be äŵëşömë!!!! I'm in a creative mood, sorry :]
So, here are some pictures of what went on today on «crafty sunday» ENJOY! :)

this is what it started out as
and ended up like this:
 I love love love what I did with it! like I said, took ALOT for me to figure out what in the world to do with it, but I love flowers and I wanted to stick with what I know :)

my other random picture

my puppy...via meesh

the literature project i'm working on for rebecca
well, thats it so, who said old textbooks weren't useful? :)

here are some more pics I've been taking lately with my new camera! ah!
 the lovely graduate and recipient of the literature project, rebecca :)
my favorite the state capitol

abi and her new friend, «baby bird», who lives in our garage door engine unit thingy :)
alrighty, off to bed, big girl job in the morning. 

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