Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So much closer....

....to my vacation. I can't hardly wait to see my family for my brothers wedding and play in the desert and take pictures and soak up some rays. I haven't had a vacation in a while and I feel like I deserve one. And even though I am leaving for bonnaroo only one week after I get back from Arizona, I don't feel selfish at all. I have always worked I. The service industry and my vacations have always been based in the public. Now that I have a new job, I can finally do what I want, when I want. I feel as though it is well deserved. However, i must be honest when I say that since vacation is drawing so close, I don't want to do anything except be outside by the pool and listen to music and take pictures. Maybe read a little bit too since that hobby has unfortunately been put in the bak burner for a while.
Anyway, my best friend Miranda got induced into labor yesterday and kenleigh has STILL not come out yet. She is going to be stubborn just like her momma. I knew it from the very beginning. :)
Yesterday when I was driving home from work I snapped a few shots that I wanted to share and are just now getting around to putting them up. I hope you enjoy :D

This was taken at dawn yesterday whenever I was bringing my honey bunny to work. (yeah I love him that much :])
the sun was the most gorgeous color red and I was just mesmerized by it. It was absolutely breathtaking :)

this is a picture of the Mississippi River bridge. I thought I would share this with you because it is a HUGE part of Louisiana and it always blows my mind everytime I see it
Here are some shots from the weekend:

Rebecca... After a long day of graduation!!

Kayla and Josh

My first vintage furniture purchase... And it is in PERFECT condition :)

Well nothing else.
Gotta get back to "work"

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