Thursday, March 4, 2010

『 Tasteful Thursday 』

Hello Everyone! Sorry that I have not been updating lately, but I have been SUUUPPPERRRR busy with work and getting ready for my race [which is but a mere 2 days away!] Anywho, I just wanted to share some more pictures, some that I have had for a while, which are mostly of Austin [atx>>shout out to my boy Chris], and some of my personal photos of flowers and nature [which i LOVE!].  these were mostly taken with either my iPhone or my digital camera, but I hope to have a new camera very very soon! So I hope you enjoy!  -_-

graduation flowers

 me and my lovely KY in Downtown Baton Rouge

 my middle name :]

i ♥ daisies...
Bored on the way to atx


me and my FB boifriend, wesley schnooks 


Jo's coffeehouse in the wonderful atx


green chair at Jo's


its amazing what a stop light looks like with a little motion :)

i want a door like this

me and the wonderful chris jacobi

the downtown BR.

So, that's it guys, nothing special, just wanted to share those with you.  hope you can find some inspiration to notice what goes on around you. :)
have a bright bright sunshiny day :)