Saturday, March 6, 2010

Successful Saturday and Sunday :]

Well, Saturday (yesterday) was the big day! I had my race and it seemed to be a success! now, we are about to go celebrate my boyfriend's birthday.  I ran a 12:52m Mile, 40:00 overall, and placed 178/250! I had a little bit of a mishap, but I finished strong.  My next one is going to be the Happy's 5k on April 10, 2010...only about a month away.  Man! These things are addicting. hehe. 

i know its backwards, but its #307

 my mommy, Tina Martinez, is a Breast Cancer survivor.

Also, I was able to go THRIFTING today! (One of my favorite things to do by the way!)
The first few things I got from this amazing duo thrift shop: Honeymoon Bungalow and The Time Warp

1st Edition!!!!

So excited!

got these little gems for the summer! 70's fabulous!

I got these books at an awesome local resale book shop -> The Book Rack
super cheap and awesome stuff!
the one all the way to the left is Canterbury Tales by Chaucer :)

and last, but definitely not least, some iPhone pics....

painting on tuesday! can't wait! 

p.s. and a Happy Birthday shoutout to my wonderful boyfriend, Jacob :*

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