Thursday, May 19, 2011

lunch breaks are cool

so, since i'm at work and on my lunch break i figured i would do something somewhat productive (well for me anyway, not for my boss) and post something! :]

taking pictures is a huge passion of mine, and you can ask anyone that knows me that i literally have a camera with me every where that i go-whether it be my phone, my digital point and shoot, or my Nikon.  i absolutely love taking pictures.  i enjoy seeing the beauty all around me, whatever that may be (i mean, seriously, i take pictures of EVERYTHING) and capturing it in a picture so i can go back to that memory whenever i want.  yes, i am that creepy kid that you see taking pictures of everything and i am NOT ashamed to admit it.  i also love editing pictures.  not that pictures in their original forms aren't majestic, i just want them to look like i want them to look.  when i take a picture, i imagine it specifically how i want it to look.  when i get to my computer, i do just that! it is such an amazing feeling to be able to see your visions happen right before your eyes.

with that said, my favorite types of pictures are black and white and the ones that were taken back in the 50's and 60's.  the coloring on old photos just amazes me and i love the way that the natural light is captured and displayed in the prints.  i also love photos with lots and lots of saturation, deep shadows, and large depth of field.  

but i digress, because i do have a point.

everyone these days seems to be a photographer.  with the invention of the iPhone, editing software & apps, and great cheap digital cameras, the ability to create amazing photos is at every person's fingertips.  now i by no means am a professional photographer, but i do have a pretty huge obsession with taking pictures.  i have books, i follow blogs, blah blah blah.  so i would have to say that i have somewhat of a good grasp on the concept then say the iPhone photographer, but by no means am i tooting my own horn.

speaking of iPhones, yes, i do have one, and yes i do use it for my camera sometimes.  well i use the app called which I LOVE VERY MUCH.  its got great filters and great settings, its very user friendly, and its FREE!!! (which is awesome) but i took these with my iPhone, and i wanted to share them with you.
hope you like! :)

have a wonderful day :]

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