Tuesday, May 17, 2011

please forgive me...

i have been a terrible blogger...making all of these promises and not keeping them, neglecting my poor little blog, etc.  but to be perfectly honest with you, i have been so busy that blogging is the last thing that i want to do when i get home from work.  unfortunately, even my paint and wonderful camera have been neglected. :(
i certainly hope to get back on track with this stuff, because it helps ignite my creative drive, so please forgive me and just bear with me while i try and get my butt in gear.

i did, however, make a tumblr:
and i update that often because its so easy to do so...much like twitter (@tirowe)

but i digress, i will certainly TRY and update more, and hopefully get around to getting some pictures up.
also, i was looking at my blog and it seems sort of drabby these days...so a makeover is in order for that too.

love. love. love.

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